Integrative Medicine Consultations

Infinium Med offers integrative medicine consultations for those patients who already have (and want to keep) their primary care provider (PCP), but would like a second opinion or different approach for their specific health issues. Please understand, integrative medicine consultations are not about simply replacing your medications with herbs, that’s still just managing symptoms. It’s about working with you to identify and treat the root cause of your condition, while addressing the whole you, with diet and lifestyle being the cornerstone of your health and wellness.

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Acute & Chronic Pain

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Hormone Therapy




Chronic Fatigue

Testing & Therapeutic Services


laboratory & diagnostics

At Infinium Med, we do not guess, we measure. We use the latest advancements in laboratory testing and imaging to uncover the underlying dysfunctions of your condition(s). This allows your Personal Physician to more precisely target and personalize your treatment.