Services Overview

A majority of your healthcare needs under one roof


Integrative Family Medicine

- Primary Care -

Need a Primary Care Physician? Infinium Med offers a full range of integrative primary care services including preventative care, acute care, chronic disease management, and coordination of care (your healthcare captain).

Integrative Consultations

- Focused Consultative Care -

Infinium Med offers integrative consultations for those patients who already have and want to keep their primary care provider, but would like a second opinion or a different approach for their specific health issues.

diagnostic Services

- Laboratory & Radiology -

At Infinium Med, we do not guess, we measure. We use the latest advancements in laboratory testing and imaging to uncover the underlying dysfunctions of your condition(s). This allows your Personal Physician to more precisely target and personalize your treatment.

Integrative Therapies

- Best of Both Worlds -

Your Personal Physician wants to find and help correct the cause of your condition and not merely mask the condition. This is why we offer and extensive array of treatment options, which are tailored and customized for your particular needs.