Your Health Investment

Simple  ●  Direct  ●  Transparent

Chronic health problems do not crop up overnight. It takes years to develop and requires time to properly address. Our Direct Care Membership program recognizes this and provides time to work on it. And maintain it. Some patients will see significant progress in 3–6 months, while more complex cases may take over a year to return to a state of optimal health and wellness. Our membership model addresses this reality. At Infinium Med, we make investing in your health and wellness simple, direct, and transparent. Just like it should be.

Our health is the most valuable thing we are given, without it we have nothing!



Membership Fees

A one-time, non-refundable registration fee along with your first month’s membership fee are charged to your credit card upon completion of our easy, on-line registration process. After that, your membership fee is charged automatically on a monthly basis until cancelled by you or Infinium Med. No long-term commitments or contracts. Cancel at any time, for any reason.





Monthly Membership




Ancillary Services Fees

At times, your care may require additional supplies and/or services (i.e. labs, medications, supplements, etc.) which are not included in your Direct Care Plan, but are provided to you at discounted rates. In an effort to provide cost transparency, Members may request an Ancillary Services Fee Schedule, which is a list of common Ancillary Services and their respective member discounted rate.